Saturday, January 20, 2018
Packaging Machineries

Packaging Machineries

With excellent equipment, perfect service and powerful turnkey service ability, Newamstar has helped the clients achieve the efficient operation of equipment, technology innovation and upgrade, the replacement of easy bottle type and low cost maintenance.

EXCEL and Newamstar Grow in Chad Together

Chad is one of the inland countries in the middle Africa. North to Libya, east to Sudan, south to Central African Republic, southwest to Cameroon and Nigeria, and west to Niger. Chad is called...

Lactobacillus Beverage Market Facing Fierce Competition Pan-Pan Together with Newamstar

When it comes to summer season, the competition during the beverage market increased a lot. The situation compared with tea and juice beverage a few years ago had some difference, lactobacillus beverage came out and became...

Application of Dry Sterilization Technology in Filling Production Line

The beverage producer are chasing for the ultra-high speed of the line, light weight of the packaging material, low energy consumption of the machine etc. and the demand for the high-end technology equipment which...
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